Friday 26th February 11:00 CET -12:30 CET

Infographics are an easy and attractive way to convey complex information and they can be very useful for the daily work of NCPs.

The aim of the workshop? To understand the importance of visual information and communicate more effectively.

The workshop will consist of an approach to infographics, its possibilities and uses. Some types of infographics will be defined; this will allow to see the multiple possibilities for the transmission of information through this tool. Furthermore, some programs for creation of infographics will be presented and information about images banks and banks vectors will be provided, as well as specialized pages like INFOGRAPIA, Genially, Datawrapper, infografz…

SPEAKER: Mr. Carlos Javier Valdemoros, Designer and Infographer.
Mr. Carlos Javier Valdemoros has worked in the Infographics and Design section of the IDEAL newspaper in Granada since 1998. His work in design and infographics has been recognized with several awards by the Society News Design (SND), both in its Spanish and international chapters. He has also won a Malofiej infographics award.
 He holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and Audiovisual Communication from the University of Malaga and a Master’s degree in Journalism and Digital Communication from the Carlos III University of Madrid and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Webinar (platform to be announced).
The link will be send 24h before the event to the registration e-mail.
Answers to questions that arise during the session will be sent via e-mail to all the participants.