The actions funded under this topic will coordinate national and regional R&I, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport initiatives by pooling resources and contributing to the alignment of national and regional research, innovation, education, cultural youth and sport policies and thus contributing to the objectives of the Widening programme.

Actions stemming from this Call will foster the capacity building in the Western Balkans to allow successful participation in the R&I process, improve the Technology Transfer Process, promote networking of and access to excellence, thus optimising the participation in and impact of Horizon Europe across the region. Activities from this Call will strengthen and foster the development of the human capital base in the region, they will promote the establishment of open, inclusive and responsible national research and innovation systems, support an institutional change through the development of inclusive gender equality plans in line with Horizon Europe and the ERA objectives, as well as support evidence based policy making.

The expected duration of the project is up to four years.

Opening date: 29.06.2021

Deadline date: 29.09.2021

Budget: 5 mln €

Link: Support for R&I policy making in the Western Balkans (HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-06)