Day 1, June 20 2018, Host: Institute of Fundamental Research Problems PAS, Warsaw, Poland
Day 2, June 21 2018, Host: Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

National Contact Point Poland, together with the European Commission, invite all interested parties to a two-day Widening Info Days PL event. The event will take place in Warsaw (Day 1) and Krakow (Day 2), and will be dedicated to Twinning, ERA Chairs and Widening Fellowships instruments from the widening package. During the event, presentation on statistics, rules of new calls, and conclusions from evaluation proces will be given by the European Commission representative. Also, examples of success stories from Poland, Portugal and Estonia will be presented. The event is especially addressed to the applicants to the ongoing Twinning and Widening Fellowship instruments and forthcoming ERA Chair instrument. The official language of the event is English.


Day 1, June 20 (Warsaw): Registration, Agenda Day 1

Day 2, June 21 (Krakow): Registration, Agenda Day 2