Dear Sir and Madam,
We would like to thank you for your ongoing participation within the NCP_Wide.Net Project.
We have prepared the NCP_Wide.Net Project Satisfaction Survey to find your opinion and expectations regarding the cooperation within this project. Thanks to all gathered information, especially your comments about the experience, as well as the knowledge of your properly identified needs, we will direct our efforts towards necessary changes and further areas of development in this project.
In order to enhance the independence and high level of this survey, this measure will be implemented in cooperation with the consulting firm, Deloitte. To conduct this survey Deloitte representatives will contact you by e-mail or telephone in the next two weeks. The survey will be performed in one of the following ways: according to your preferences you could fill out the questionnaire on-line or answer the questions during the phone call with the consultant. Filling out the questionnaire will take approximately 25 minutes.
Each and every opinion really matters to us, therefore please take the time and provide us with comprehensive answers.

NCP_Wide.Net Project Coordinator